Remote Work Overview

Staking Your Claim: The New Work from Home Frontier

Deb Ohlde has been successfully working from home for nearly 30 years.  Her experience includes work from home (WFH) while she owns a consulting business, WFH as an employee and WFH as an extended term contractor for various companies. She is a big proponent of the benefits of remote work for employees and employers/clients. In this series, Deb will answer some of the most common questions about WFH structures, what it takes to thrive WFH, and what specifics to negotiate with clients and employers.  After reviewing all the sessions, you’ll have a better idea if WFH is a good fit for you, better understand what it takes to have a functioning home office, and know how to avoid some of the biggest missteps of remote work. There are pros and cons with every working relationship, but WFH can be a huge opportunity for flexibility, balance and efficiency.

Series Overview