Grocery Training Course Overview

How to Build, Run, and Optimize a Grocery Store

Learn to open, operate, and optimize a grocery store in this 10-part training series featuring Carly Whorton, a local Kansas grocery entrepreneur. Get started with the basics of Project Management and work your way up to Raising Brand Awareness, covering all of the technical requirements and logistical steps in-between.

Introductory Video

The Grocery Training Series includes ~11 hours of video and 56 Supporting Documents (over 150 pages). In this brief overview, I’ll walk you through what you can expect from the 10 modules, how you might be able to apply these modules outside the grocery industry, and give you a taste of the types of supporting documentation included.

This training series ultimately aims to provide the tools you will need to deal with both the overwhelm and the potential procrastination that can come with taking on a very large goal. Opening a grocery store is a huge project that takes time, persistence, and lots of creative problem solving along the way. By participating in this series, you’ll gain the tools needed to work through these common blocks and create your unique definition of success.

MP4, 21:19 | *Timestamps at the bottom of this page

Training Modules

In this first module, we’ll cover the basics of Project Management as it pertains to opening a grocery store as we review the related documents – including Stakeholder tracking, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Project Charter, and more.

This module covers the technology infrastructure you’ll need to build your grocery store, including POS, PCI Compliance, Cabling, and Networks.

Food Safety and Refrigeration are absolutely integral to the entire process of opening and operating a grocery store, so in this third module, we’ll cover Refrigeration and Certifications, Food Safety, Beer/Tobacco, and HACCP Plans.

From Banking Setup to Taxes to Cash Management and everything in-between, this module covers the financial matters you’ll need to know about if you’re going to operate a grocery store.

This module discusses how to have a well-functioning Human Resources system to create a positive work environment and avoid costly and unnecessary employee turnover.

In this module, we’ll cover DSD (Direct Store Delivery) vendors and the last month of planning before you open a grocery store.

To remain competitive in today’s social climate and technological world, it’s important to establish online shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery.

A store’s day-to-day operations are of utmost importance to its success, so in this module we’ll walk through daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and other essential Operations of running a grocery store, with helpful examples and descriptions given for each one.

In talking about Promotions, we’ll discuss all of the sales and specials that you’ll run inside of your store as well as the technical steps involved in making it happen.

In this final module, we’ll discuss various elements of raising brand awareness through four key lenses: Advertising, Loyalty, Engagement, and Destination.

*Introductory Video Timestamps

00:00 – Hello from Carly + thank you to the North Central Regional Planning Commission for making this series possible!
00:41 – Module 1: Project Management
01:58 – Module 2: Technology Infrastructure
02:52 – Module 3: Food Safety & Refrigeration
03:56 – Module 4: Financial Matters
04:59 – Module 5: Human Resources
05:42 – Module 6: Last Month of Planning & DSD
07:13 – Module 7: Online Shopping
08:31 – Module 8: Operations
10:33 – Module 9: Promotions
11:12 – Module 10: Raising Brand Awareness
14:45 – The Goal of this Training Series
15:33 – Overwhelm & Procrastination: Pro Tips
20:45 – Thanks for watching and best of luck on your journey!

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